What are Helical Piles?

Helical piles foundations are used extensively along the Jersey Shore. Helicals are steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building foundations. Helical piles are a prefered method for elevating homes, businesses, and structures in storm prone areas along the Jersey Shore.

What are the Advantages of Using Helical Piles?

1. Rapid Helical Piles Installation

The helical screw-piles anchors can be installed with a track excavator with a special hydraulic motor attachment. Being mobile in small area allows for rapid deployment and installation without disturbing the environment. Helical pile installation is convenient for the home / business owner because it doesn’t disturb your neighbors.

2. Helical Piles Can Be Loaded Immediately

Helical piles don’t need to settle. The Helical piles foundation or anchoring system can be loaded immediately after installation. Projects can move fast because there is no need to wait for the concrete or grout to harden, or wait for excess water to dissipate. The construction schedule is short and depending on the project scope, your Helical piles can be installed in less the a day.

3. Minimal Environmental Impact

Traditional types of construction activity involves driving down timber piling disturbing your neighbors and surrounding area. The helical pile installation of screw-piles and helical anchors typically produces no soil cutting. The site stays clean, requires minimal clean-up which in turn brings down costs. Installation is helical piles produce low noise and minimal vibrations. Structures that are nearby receive little disturbance.

4. Installation in Small Working Area
Along the Jersey Shore homes and business are next to each other. The advantage of helical piles installation is that small equipment can be used. A mini excavator with piling attachment can maneuver in limited space or low headroom area.

5. Installation in High Groundwater Conditions
The bays along the New Jersey are litter with homes. These area have waterlines almost equal to their home that need evaluation. The helical piles can be installed in shallow areas without the need to pump out water. This speeds up construction, house lifting or other methods to handle ground water. Over all the installation in high groundwater condition will cost less.

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