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We install Helical Piles/Piers all along the New Jersey Shore.

The New Jersey shore coastal communities are vulnerable to super storms, storm surge, flooding and unstable foundations. The helical piles have several advantages over traditional wood pilings and are now widely used for many different types of deep foundation solutions.

Along the Jersey shore many new and existing homeowners are choosing helical pilings to secure their foundations and raise their homes. The helical piles has become the preferred deep foundation system for many types of application including elevations of homes, businesses, piers, and boardwalks.

Helical Pile Installation Benefits

  • Helical piles install quickly reducing overall labor cost
  • Small equipment use saves operation and mobility cost
  • Helical piles can be installed where access is limited
  • Helical piles do not vibrate or disturb surrounding area
  • Helical pile installation crew is small and efficient
  • Overall the installation helical piles is cost effective

Helical Pile System for Home Elevation

  • No need to move your home
  • Installation of helicals in any weather
  • Effective for any soil conditions
  • Minimal disturbance to your neighbors
  • Used for high water tables
  • Hot dip galvanized, prevents corrosion
  • FEMA recognized
  • Engineer Approved

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Our CHANCE helical pile system is backed by 100 years of history.



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